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It's all good fun, with some supremely bizarre bonus missions thrown in for good measure. If he dies, the mission is over. Manon travels to places that are not quite so militaristic as Jimmy Patterson. It looks, plays and sounds a lot like the original. You'll face moving vehicles this time, too, including half tracks and motorcycles.

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Soundtracks Medal of Honor Warfighter. But at its core, it's still Medal of Honor. Yes, Underground dishes out the same grainy visuals as the original Medal of Honor. Luckily effects man Erik Kraber and composer Michael Giacchino are both back doing the sound for Underground. Oddly enough, next 3d launcher it's the gripping story line and atmosphere of the single-player game that has us excited about Underground.

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This setting is a welcome change, as Underground provides a meaningful historical context that's rare in most video games today. Manon assists her brother Jacques, only for him to get killed in an attempted heist. But when the original is one of the best first person shooters on the PlayStation, we aren't complaining. The two-player split-screen multiplayer mode also returns, essentially the same as before, except with new levels, weapons and characters.

The game is played in a three dimensional environment. This is where Underground starts.

Manon used petrol bombs and also used her femininity to gain access to restricted areas. Missions are, for the most part, still fairly simple and linear. The objective of all of the three missions available in this level is to build a Panzerknacker, who assists in the final mission. The enemies do seem smarter and there's a few other minor improvements, but only try it if you liked the first.

You get the same fun-forminutes-or-so two-player deathmatch. You're Manon, the French woman that's right, a woman who helped James Patterson while he was in Europe in the first game. Luckily, Manon's not alone in her fight. As well as new types of weapons, the new mechanics in the game are fighting against tanks and halftracks in three out of eight missions and fighting alongside friendly allies. That's what we tried to do, anyway.

Enemies are smarter as well, and use suppressive fire and squad tactics to take you down. And, as with the original, presentation is everything here. In one instance, Manon's brother helps mow down some Germans, and picks the lock of a building so Manon can gain entry.

In later levels-particularly the last two-they swarm you and blaze away with dead-on accuracy. Video games by Steven Spielberg.

Medal Of Honor Underground

Medal of Honor Warfighter. Play Now Download the full version. If you don't creep along and seek cover, you're dead. Browse games Game Portals. The game was developed by Rebellion Developments and published by Destination Software.

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Adams herself appears in the game's final mission to brief Manon before each level. On a couple of occasions, she's assisted by computer-controlled companions who fight by her side ala Syphon Filter. Manon's brother helps mow down some Germans, and picks the lock of a building so Manon can gain entry.


As a result, Manon's two main themes are very similar and yet very different. The same can be said for the game. It is a first-person shooter based on the PlayStation version.

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For starters, them Nazis fight with a lot more gumption. So what's different this time around? The spectacular sound effects, stirring music and grainy between-mission movies lend this game an incredible amount of atmosphere. There is no save system however, each level has a code to play again in the future which can be viewed by pausing the game.

Electronic Gaming Monthly. Still, Underground is a heck of a lot of fun-and certainly a bit more challenging than the too-easy original. Environments are slightly more interactive in Underground shoot a chandelier and watch it drop on Nazi skulls. And the sound effects are every bit as amazing as the original game's. The game's objectives usually revolve around finding certain papers.


Underground packs simple mission objectives, stark environments and platoons of Nazis to shoot, blast, incinerate and otherwise kablooey to the stone age. An Almanac of Pimps, Orcs, and Lightsabers.

Sometimes, too much of a good thing is, well, still a good thing. But play past the first few missions and you'll notice some slick improvements.