Mistress in skintight leather pants playing with her slave

Beth was full of questions, desperate to find an end to her misery. The pair became great friends almost immediately, and Beth decided to invite Lorraine over to her house that night for dinner and drinks. Then, late one night Beth decided to go exploring.

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He was now a mere mindless pawn, a plaything for the satisfaction of Beth's desires and commands.

Slowly, the left finger lifted up, at first just a bit, then all the way. God, I wish he wanted to share in my love, my deepest desire, she thought, heaving a deep sigh. He was breathing loudly, due to the nasal tubes.

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The hood had served its purpose well, the doctor thought to herself.

It made the mind control and reprogramming process move along just that much faster and easier. She attached the nasal tubing from David's hood to the gas, and turned the valve on.

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Following the implant procedure, a computer will program and then begin to activate the chips.

She then increased Suzanne's training regimen to include some strong humiliation to truly reprogram her personality. You must wear this attire at all times, or your punishment will be severe and quite permanent.

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As the two females chat, David begins to awaken.