In baron Rikhard Pavlovich von Vietinghoff became the owner of the whole plot, which at that time was numbered on the Moyka embankment. And along with it, there was R. After that he was the head of the astronomy Branch of the department of mathematics and mechanics of Leningrad State University. There is a garden with a summerhouse, pavilions and a pond.

Malinovsky and many others were members of the study group. Krasnova, who got the Antsiferov Prize and is the author of many scientific historical discoveries, Musin-Pushkin's study and his richest collection were placed in the stone annex. During the preliminary investigation of the case of his murder she testified that G.

The main yard is located in front of the house, a pompous beautiful railing separates the yard from the Moyka embankment. On the right-hand part of the plot one can see that a one-storeyed stone annex facing the Moyka embankment is joined with the main house with a passage.

Lokhtina was the editor of G. Since Louise lived in Saint-Petersburg and was involved in private entrepreneur activities.

Berngard in the Classicical style. The site was renumbered again in the late s, becoming on the Moyka embankment. Kusovnikova's will her granddaughter Yelena Petrovna Varentzova became the owner of the estate.

Truveller made an official request asking St Petersburg's military Governor-General that the lane between her house and the Lithuanian castle be named Zamkovy Castle lane. But the lane was named Tyremny Prison lane at the highest behest. Simultaneously a new part of the house symmetrically replicating its structure was attached to the left side of the annex. Frantz Yakovlevich Gardner, the future founder of the porcelain factory in Verbilky village, lived for several years at his uncle in the house on the Mojka embankment.

Thus, the annex was completely included in the new house, only having the window decoration style changed from Baroque to Neo Renaissance. Judging by the aggregate contribution to emission transfer analytic theory, V. Sobolev worked on a voluntary basis at the Astronomical observatory of Leningrad State University as director.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Demidov leased the house to a plenipotentiary ambassador of His Majesty king of Great Britain. That house fully merged with Grebenka's house with three storeys at the front facade and four storeys at the yard facade. There is a big rich wooden house with all furniture in the middle of the plot. Buildings and structures in Saint Petersburg Residential buildings completed in National Romantic architecture in Russia establishments in the Russian Empire.

Kovalev, a deputy of Saint-Petersburg legislative assembly. She was a chamberlain's widow and countess Gogenfelzen's sister.

In the Truvellers decided to have storeys added to the L-shaped annex, which face the main site of the Moyka with two storeys, of the old house. The god himself has descended on the Earth!


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His colleagues from the Academy were attracted to his house because of his presidency in the Academy of Arts and his collection of works of art. The main purpose of the study group was to preserve a wide range of ancient sources about history and culture of the Russian State and to use that range in social and scientific circulations. The initiative was sustained by leading core institutions and organizations of Saint-Petersburg. Orders were given in a low voice, nearly in whisper, servants slid silently. Zhukovskaya's notes about G.


From till Lybov Valerjanovna Golovina's family lived in that house. Simultaneously another house was built in eight axes, with more unpretentious decoration, abutting right against the three-storey house from the lane side. She was awarded an Iron Cross for that exploit. This building extended nearly up to the end of the plot and abutted the buildings of the Lithuanian castle.

Lokhtina left home in because of her family's irreconcilable attitude to Rasputin. Boltin and Ivan Yelagin I.

Musin-Pushkin was the chairman of the committee of the Academy of Sciences which awarded gold medals. Musin-Pushkin's colleague at the Academy of Fine Arts, depicted in his watercolour the house during Musin-Pushkin's ownership. By Musin-Pushkin had got more than manuscripts available, the richest collection of book rarities. Catherine the Second patronized him. Due to his efforts, goldwave with crack one succeeded in reforming the astronomy Branch of Leningrad State University to Astronomical Institute.

Musin-Pushkin House (Saint Petersburg)


There was also a marvelous old portrait by Levitsky in a carved frame, cracked chinaware and eerie silence of forsaken chambers, occasionally sharply broken by telephone ring. Karamzin was also associated with the study group.

She seldom went out because of her mentally unhealthy condition. Thus, the final look of the house was formed, and it has been unchanged till nowadays.