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He started crying because he couldn't handle it anymore. Went home, tried to patch things up with her, but at that point I knew I'd compromised enough, and I didn't want to stay with her. He constantly tried to convince me that even though we had broken up, we still had each other to confide in and he'd always be there for me.

No, she's not my girlfriend anymore. After pleading for a few minutes, I finally order her out of my car and she gets furious and slams the door and storms off.

She would lose her shit if I watched porn and once threatened to breakup with me shoulda let her go.

Obviously trying to be unseen. It feels so horrible to have to put down a pet you really love. Getting our minimum-wage job schedules to line up was one challenge, but even so I didn't have the time to go out, let alone have the money.

Everything worked out when they finally realize how bat shit crazy she was. For the past however many months I had been being a creep and sleepwalking around his house.

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