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The five types of sounds that are elicited during percussion are flatness, resonance, hyperresonance, tympany and dullness. The nurse is caring for a client with a venous stasis ulcer. Behavioral psychotherapy is particularly useful among clients who are adversely affected with phobias, substance related disorders, and other addictive disorders.

The Dimensions Model of Health includes six dimensions that impact on the client, including the community. Select the member of the multidisciplinary team that you would most likely collaborate with when the client can benefit from the use of adaptive devices for cutting food? Select the law that is accurately paired with its description in terms of client rights. Respondeat Superior does not, however, relieve the nurse of legal responsibility and accountability for their actions.

Which nursing diagnosis is the most appropriate for this client? The client in option C exhibits opoid toxicity with the pinpoint pupils and has the least risk of complications to occur in the near future. And option D requires further investigation and is not life threatening.

The resulting scar is more obvious than those scars that result from primary intention healing. Increased heart rate with crying. You are caring for a client who has been assessed as having a past history of violent and dangerous behaviors towards others. These clients can be individual clients, couples, families, populations and communities.

Time management skills are most closely related to successfully meeting the established priority needs of a group of clients. The catheter is placed in the pulmonary artery. Which type of governmental health insurance is he now entitled to?

All questions are given on a single page, and correct answers, rudraveena songs doregama rationales or explanations if any are immediately shown after you have selected an answer. All questions and answers are given for reading and answering at your own pace. Questions are rarely asked. Which assessment data is normal for the infant at this age? Collect a sputum specimen D.

Some examples of risk management activities include preventing hazards and adverse events such as patient falls and infant abduction and the legal liabilities associated with these events. Patients experiencing a level two crisis most likely exhibit some loss of their ability to function. Limit fluids to non-caffeine beverages.

NCLEX Practice Exam 1 (40 Questions)

NCLEX-RN Practice Test Questions - with Rationales

You would most likely suspect that this client is affected with a dissected thoracic aneurysm. Which of the following patient care tasks is coupled with the appropriate member of the nursing care team in terms of their legal scope of practice?

Send him to the emergency room for evaluation. You have to determine how many tablets the patient will take if the doctor has ordered mg a day and the tablets are manufactured as mg per tablet.

Caucasians and clients from Scotland and Ireland. This model describes self care needs and abilities as wholly compensatory, partly compensatory and supportive educative. Some of the drugs that are most often associated with physical dependence include cocaine, opioid drugs, alcohol and benzodiazepines.

Should be taken in the morning B. It is this that will be used in the calculation. Which characteristic of carbon monoxide makes it a particularly dangerous gas?

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Check that the feeding solution matches the dietary order. Which statement about referrals is accurate? In other words, the first foods in the pantry or refrigerator are the first foods that should be consumed or discarded. Which of the following security concerns is also a sentinel event that must be reported? You have been asked to present a class to newly employed nurses about your role, your responsibilities and how they can collaborate with you as the case manager.

Which couple is at greatest risk for domestic violence? For these reasons, home carbon monoxide alarms are recommended. You have not finished your quiz. They should not take any time to open window.

NCLEX Practice Exam 1 (40 Items)

NCLEX Practice Exam 1 (40 Questions)

Specific feedback is given as close to the event as possible. You would administer this Benadryl because sleep inducement is an accepted off label use of this medication. Which of the following should you consider during the planning of this educational activity? Atrial fibrillation First degree heart block Shortness of breath upon exertion An obstructed airway Fluid needs Respect and esteem by others. The theory underlying chiropractic is that interference with transmission of mental impulses between the brain and body organs produces diseases.

The prodromal stage, or phase, of the infection process is characterized with general malaise, joint and muscular aches and pains, anorexia, and the presence of a headache. Primary intention healing is facilitated with wounds without infection. Physical, mental and social risks and concerns. After calling for help, the first action the nurse should take is.

Decrease in level of consciousness. Quizzes about acid-base balance. Instead, the side of the finger is pricked with the lancet. Ultimate Guide and Database. You would not allow the nurse to administer the injection and you would not ask the nurse to use the vastus lateralis muscle instead because nothing indicates the need to do so.

And, lastly, the glossopharyngeal cranial nerve is both a motor and sensory nerve that gives us the sense of taste from the posterior tongue, and it also innervates the parotid glands. Although most religions impact on the care of the client, only Islam is pertinent to the admissions coordinator. And, lastly the Americans with Disabilities Act of and the Rehabilitation Act of forbid and prohibit any discrimination against people with disabilities. Force fluids and reassess blood pressure D.