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His son hanged himself there. Weatherford - Dead Woman's Crossing - At night a woman can be seen walking the creek bed with a lantern in hand.

Pawhuska - Constantine Theater - cowboys ghosts make the sounds of a bar room fight. Bartlesville - Haunted Hill - When you have your car to where you are about to go up the hill and you turn your car off and, put your car in neutral.

Lawton  Jed Johnson's Lake

Smell of burning hair on some days and other odors as well.

At midnight a light moves through the top floor. Muskogee - Bacone College - Apparitions, unexplained sounds, cold spots, objects moving around by themselves.

Tusla  Spotlight Theatre

The cemetery remains as well as some haunting spirits. There are odd gravestones throughout the cemetery.

Weatherford  Dead Woman's CrossingThere are odd

She was a drama queen and when she graduated, she when to be an actress. Tusla - Spotlight Theatre - if you are alone or with one other person on the second floor you can hear footsteps in the costume room.

In the gym, they have heard a ball dribbling and someone walking around.

Also within the same building, the third floor was where the operating rooms were. He was only seen a couple of times thereafter.

Lawton - Jed Johnson's Lake - People have reported hearing the screams of a female coming from the tower near the lake.

His son hanged himself thereThe cemetery remains as well asSmell of burning hair on

Enid - Earl Butts Dormitory - Dormitory said to be haunted because of being constructed on an Indian burial ground. The case was never solved.

She was a drama queen