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If I was in charge of Egyptian security, I would have this sheikh arrested immediately, and have him rot in a dark underground cell. It calls on churches and Christians all over the world to consider it and adopt it and to call for the boycott of Israel. Rather, I wish to seize this opportunity hope that it will encourage our leaders to tackle the problem and find a solution.

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He is a Muslim, by the way. Christians in Gaza freely practice their religion. There are still many unresolved cases with regards to land encroachment. When Obama saw that this was about to be exposed, he finally acted, but in a weak manner.

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He regularly receives death threats, and he has been the target of a petrol bomb attack. How would you describe relations between Christians and Muslims in the Bethlehem area?

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The sheikh said some highly intimidating things about Christians. Where is the Egyptian security? She had two months left for the completion of her degree. These trends accelerated after the war in the aftermath of Israel's takeover of the West Bank and Gaza. What is happening is extremely sad, especially the bombing of a church.

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When I saw that there was encroachment on Christian-owned land here, I protested against it. They all joined my protest. List of Israeli price tag attacks Bethlehem Christian families are the largest landowners in Bethlehem and have often been subject to theft of property. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are Sunni. He said that Muslim youths should not imitate Christian youths, and should not wish them well at Christmas.

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This is not only a conflict between Sunnis and Shias. Gaza Pastor Manuel Musallam has voiced doubts that those attacks were religiously motivated. We have a mafia here that is seizing Christian-owned lands. Fr Pizzaballa's statement came after pro-settler extremists attacked a Trappist monastery in the town of Latroun, setting fire to its door, and covering walls with anti-Christian graffiti. Let me ask you a question.

If I were in charge of Egyptian security, I would have this sheikh arrested immediately, and have him rot in a dark underground cell. He paints portraits of presidents. Just recently, one of the sheiks was saying that Christian Copts should be slaughtered like sheep.

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The percentage of Arab Christian women who are higher education students is higher than other sectors. There are two reasons behind the dwindling figures. Everyone chooses what appeals to him.

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The biggest problem we are facing is Christian emigration. Important Christian figures were sometimes allowed to return, on condition they help Israel among their communities. Any Christian businessman who is interested in the general issue of Christians should come and invest here. Also, fliers that spoke against me have been distributed.

Interior of the house of a Christian family in Jerusalem. They also may observe all the religious holidays in accordance with the Christian calendars followed by their churches. This past Friday, one of the sheikhs at a mosque was speaking in a threatening way about Christians.

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The Palestinian women's soccer team has a majority of Muslim girls, but the captain, Honey Thaljieh, is a Christian from Bethlehem. Qumsieh is one of the few willing to risk his life to speak out against Muslim persecution of Christians in the Palestinian territories and the Middle East, generally. Recently, we have noticed that the encroachments decreased immensely because we have been talking to the Palestinian Authority and pressing them about the problem. When I told my cousin that I will talk with the Palestinian Authority attorney-general about it, dancing on ice stars dating younger he asked me not to talk to anyone. Is there discrimination against Christians living under the Palestinian Authority?

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