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Nanshan Rocked Sitaram singh. Raman ayanamsa, Krishnamurthy ayanamsa and Thirukanitham ayanamsa. Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt.

One can select the best suitable time during a day or night using detailed charts based on Pancha-Paskshi Shastra, but in general these above two charts are sufficient. The duty cycles follow complex and intricate logic of Pancha-Pakshi Shastra. Fundamentals of Pancha-pakshi. Pancha-Pakshi Shastra is based on ancient literature in Tamil language. The corresponding colours, directions, ruling days, death days, dj nicholas school of volume vowels and friendship between the birds are also given in Astro-Vision PanchaPakshi software.

Cock is strongest in the North and North East. The suitability of the time for performing important activities is also given. Strength comparison for a pair of any two birds for given duration. Some Interesting Hands Future Point.

Sample Reports Screen Shots. During this period, the bird remains completely powerful over all other birds and rules over them. Also, the days on which your bird is least powerful death days will be least useful for you.

Transit SUN in Aspects to Natal KETU

Owl is strongest in the South. Understanding Badhakasthan and Badhkesh Amar Agrawal. Conjunction of Saturn and Rahu Future Point. Vjyotish-exl A revolution in the utility of astrology beyond imagination.

The mysterious Pancha-pakshi Shastra

This system was propounded by ancient Tamil Sidha Saints. Testimonials Testimonials Disclaimer.

Alternate or Special Lagnas Amar Agrawal. Horary is a formula based on the ruling planet. These days vary with the phases of the Moon, which are called Ruling Day s. Maharishi Jaimini suggests a unique method of deciphering the horoscope.

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Travel Abroad Amar Agrawal. Minute-wise Friend and Enemy strength comparison of single bird. Read in detail Check - How it may help you? Is Saturn always harmful for everybody?

Our sages and Rishis propounded various rules for delineation of horoscope. Ruling Days of Birds Out of the five activities which a bird performs daily, one is the strongest viz.

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Horary Astrology Amar Agrawal. Conjunction of two planets Dimple Babbar. Pancha Pakshi Shastra is based on ancient Tamil literature. Pancha means Five and Pakshi means Bird. Relevance of Horoscope matching Future Point.

Higher Education gift of ninth house Future Point. More so, their Ruling activity is in the Ruling main period. Delineation of Horoscope Amar Agrawal. Timing of event through dasa and transit Future Point.

Articles Contact us Testimonials. Report usage instructions. The resultant value and the corresponding bird may be checked from the following table. An introduction to the system F.

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My software You have not saved any software. Free Bengali Astrology Software analyses the first house, for predictions on personality, status and physique. This movement is the Walking activity.

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An introduction to the system. Life is beset with good and bad, health and disease. It supports Windows bit and bit operating systems. These elements vibrate on five gradations, which are called the five activities of the bird. It supports bit and bit operating systems.

PanchaPakshi 1.0

These are called immune days for the birds. Combinations for Fame Future Point. Confuction of Saturn and Rahu such horoscope become Shrapits.

This article has been divided into three parts. Marvels of Vedic Astrology Amar Agrawal. The Elemental Vibrations are personified as birds and all individuals are born under the influence of a particular bird. Conjunction of two planets G.

The ruling days and death days also depend on the Paksha of the day you are considering for an activity. It helps you to select auspicious time and in answering queries Prasna.