Peliroja le ruje el ano

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The police and Mexican government seem to think that they can endlessly lie to the world about their blatant extra judicial executions through sleight of hand stuff like this, it seems.

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She was most likely involved in some serious stuff. They didn't teach her to do these horrible things and they will suffer until they both die. Ya sabemos que esto no es noticia.

It's hard to think that a new group could match the Z's firepower.

You sit there in your lazy-boy while real men take to the front-lines.

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My bet is that this is the work of a band, maybe locals, maybe turncoat Z allied with the Sinaloa cartel.

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We realized that remain the same slag, Los Z's The Zetas.

No love is stronger than a mother's love.

Ajulio with respect to feeling sympathy for Gabby, I really don't feel much for her. However, after further investigation it has been confirmed that it was indeed the body of Gabriela Elizabeth. The ambulance driver and some ministeriales undercover cops elements were the ones allegedly that released her, they are being under investigation now.

We will soon give the location of your corpse. So maybe these people don't want to be the next to take a hit while chapo and mayo remain untouchable.

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They showed the guns she used and the other suspects who assisted her. During the trial pic of his dead body was all over the news, as it lay in an open field where it was dumped. All the Z scum that is created all that aligns, aligns.

We will soon give