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You might find their reasons actually check out and send them the money but in all likelihood, you have been scammed of your money. He should have done Abacha on these Oloshi.

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Ribadu is the only one you can single out but who is he grouping with? Jam Because he has interests there babs what do u mean by he could not account, have u taken pain pain to know how govt account is been run, u are merely insinuating.

Troy He said Tinubu is a certificate forger, that the present Governor erased all records from Government college, Ibadan that would have nailed him, how come you cleverly avoided that? They often communicate with you for weeks and months so you think you are getting to know them better while it is actually all part of their master plan. We can go on and on and the difference is very clear.

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You and your cohorts then thwarted it. Its not late to dissolve the false union. Tell me, which part of this is a lie. There is no way you can exonerate Asiwaju from the certificate mess, period.

Nigeria is not ready for Jonathan style and there is a reason for his style. You might get an email apparently from the Nigerian police telling you they have closed in on the scammer and need a payment from you before they can arrest him. No wonder they are using you to eat bread and agidi. Give me a good leader and you will see an aligned nation and good followers.

This information in the hands of scammers puts you at risk of potentially losing thousands of dollars. This great nation so endowed with natural and human resources is crawling behind smaller nations like a baby because of some gullible leaders who think of nothing but their pockets. Small countries like Kenya, Ethiopia and even Ghana at our backyard could be proud of their national carriers. How do you know it's a scam? Everybody knows that truth not only you and Obasanjo.

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This is definitely a scam because the police no matter which country will never request money to catch a criminal! The old man has his short coming though but that is not enough for any one to dress him up with muddy garment. Whoever told you that you are good leader. Salisu Buhari was convicted.

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They will spin a story about how they have lost everything due to the disaster and tug at your heart strings. So say you have been duped by a Nigerian scammer and you contact the Nigerian police for help. People just sit and criticize blindly. Sometimes, the scams are long and stretched out with the scammers attempting to get as much money out of you as possible by cooking up a variety of medical complications. The Nigerian Scams This breed of scams has been around for a very long time and is known as the advance fee fraud.

What Obj said should be for us to make reflection. Its easy to know when Obasanjo is lying. Scammers take advantage of this by setting up scam charity institutions which rob the money that you wanted to send to the victims of the disaster. Everyday I bless God for people like him. Friendite Friendite makes it into third place on the list of the best Nigerian dating apps for mobile.

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Not a single case has been made against Tinubu on the issue Obasanjo raised. Is that not a stupid allegation to make? Tinubu, the only Asiwaju of Lagos. Their stories are similar and have been verified.

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Others might be from someone in Africa claiming to have received a huge inheritance which they want to share with you if you can help them get the money out of the country. History will one day judge rightly and your title will be revoked! It is what it is and you either can point to or talk about your own accomplishments or not. Isaac Ok, you are worried about the Bola Tinubus generations? Needless to say that is the last you will hear of your apparent fortune.

LopezoAbroad I totally disagree with you. What did their states governors achieved?

Business Investment Scam Business investment is another popular lure scammers use to attract their potential victims. Here you can find Nigerian guys or girls asking for advice on dating or looking for relationships, transformation body fat to muscle women dating hook-ups and everything in between. Which is the best dating app in Nigeria? Badoo Badoo is a location-based dating app that shows you people who live and work near you. Tinder Tinder is one of the most established location-based dating applications available worldwide.

As many people are now catching on to this, many scammers are trying variations of the same scam. Two phase that is very important in Management and Engineering is Planning and development. This is often used for identity theft as well. What about unresolved high profile political killings to mention a few of the failures of his govt?

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Some of his former classmates who live and work in Chicago also snapped pictures with him. The sad truth is that you contributed to the mess to a very large extent. Most humans will steal or break the law because the see others do it or they have no confidence that if they do not take, others will not take too. Isa Gwaram The senate president was merely a face of the revolt. Ijeuwa This man wants to canonize himself!

Democracy is a very slow process in ethnically homogeneous states and it is expected to be even slower in a country with as many cultures and sects as Nigeria. These scammers know immigration rules and regulations well and might even cite some sort of visa requirement as their reason for requesting money. If they tried, they would have been sued to court.

Where is our National Values? There are a few variations of this type of fraud but the bottom line is they are all scams. Think where your Nigeria is headed with the likes of Fani Kayode. You can find people based on age, location and gender.

However, there is usually a last minute glitch and they will request you to send them a large amount of money without which the trip will be impossible. Facebook sees Africa as the future. The Facebook app is pretty much available on every mobile device, including Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows operating systems. Sometimes, scammers also take advantage of disaster situations by pretending to be a victim themselves. Users of BlackBerry, Windows and Apple phones will need to consider other options.

Is there a free dating app available in the country? The reason is that it is targeted at Nigerian singles. Badoo offers Nigerians the opportunity to chat with people nearby and rate their photos.

Nobody wants to be scammed yet most people are not quite sure what to look out for. Disaster Relief Scam Every time there is a disaster like the tsunami, a tornado or an earthquake, millions of do-gooders want to do something to help the victims. You are fair weather friend abiodun johnson Why is this post attractive to creek monkeys?