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Michael Russell, who ran a chain of business journals, testified that a Feshbach employee called his bankers and interfered with his loans. Sometimes the Feshbachs send private detectives to dig up dirt on firms, which is then shared with business reporters, brokers and fund managers.

However you get them in or why, just do it. Moulton in Portland, Oregon in L. In the trade publication Publishers Weekly awarded the dead author a plaque commemorating the appearance of Dianetics on its best-seller list for consecutive weeks. At the time, city officials were reportedly collaborating with U. West Virginia Senator John D.

In reality the church is a hugely profitable global racket that survives by intimidating members and critics in a Mafia-like manner. There were rumors that Cruise was dating model Jessica White after she joined the Church in June but his rep says the rumors are not true, star dating vanessa hudgens the Daily Mail reports. That's news to Placer Dome.

Hubbard kept adding steps, each more costly, for his followers to climb. Many dentists who have unwittingly been drawn into the cult are filing or threatening lawsuits as well. Buys massive quantities of its own books from retail stores to propel the titles onto best-seller lists.

The Feshbach brothers of Palo Alto, Calif. Nevertheless Gerbino's short-term gains can be stupendous. Nevertheless, Hubbard was a moderately successful writer of pulp science fiction. His behavior had also become strange. The church's most fearsome advocates are its lawyers.

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What city are you in?

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He promised to look into it. Since Hubbard and his church have been the subject of four unfriendly books, all released by small yet courageous publishers. Next they elected directors who were friendly to them and set in motion a series of complex maneuvers to block Jordan from voting stock he controlled and to run him out of the company.

The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power. Jordan never got most of the money, but the cult members ended up with a good deal of cheap stock and options. One neighbor was greeted at dawn outside my Manhattan apartment building by two men who wanted to know whether I lived there.

They take the best and the brightest people and destroy them. They didn't want to hear that. Charge enough and we'd be swamped.

Defectors describe him as cunning, ruthless and so paranoid about perceived enemies that he kept plastic wrap over his glass of water. In Germany last month, leading politicians accused the cult of trying to infiltrate a major party as well as launching an immense recruitment drive in the east. Naturally, those thetans had to be audited. Church officials refused to be interviewed.

According to his account, this triggered a revelatory near-death experience. Hubbard lived there for the next seven years.

Athena Gold, the current object of Baybak's and Gerbino's attentions, was founded by entrepreneur William Jordan. The next month the Rowes flew to Glendale, Calif. Experts denounce the regime as quackery and potentially harmful, yet HealthMed solicits unions and public agencies for contracts. Dianetics was organized and centralized to consolidate power under Hubbard, and groups that were previously recruited were no longer permitted to organize autonomously.

To defend itself in the trial, the cult has retained some of Italy's most famous lawyers. In my opinion, we couldn't get worse public opinion than we have had or have less customers with what we've got to sell.

Meanwhile the main opposition party, the Social Democrats, has been warning its members in the formerly com- munist eastern part of the country against exploitation by the church. Alone, perhaps, but not forgotten.

One of them, Miscavige vs. Neither man agreed to be interviewed for this story, yet both threatened legal action through attorneys.

Ron Hubbard and Military career of L. In Canada the church and nine of its members will be tried in June on charges of stealing government documents many of them retrieved in an enormous police raid of the church's Toronto headquarters. Retains public relation powerhouse Hill and Knowlton to help shed the church's fringe-group image. According to the source, the actor has strict criteria for the next Mrs. Ron Hubbard used to periodically fill a converted ferry ship with adoring acolytes and sail off to spread the word.

If you leave, they immediately start digging up everything. His counselors started sporting clerical collars. Ron Hubbard, still control huge blocks of his company's stock. Today the town is battling to keep out the cult, which has fought back through such tactics as sending private detectives to snoop on the mayor and the local newspaper publisher. Dalton's and Waldenbooks to sustain the illusion of a best-selling author.

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