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Perhaps this is a caching problem? So I agree that you are the last person I should be angry at. He delivered the folders with.

Check this article to understand this more, or maybe read this one too. There is nothing difficult or abnormal about this in my opinion. Clearly there is still something amiss. True, that product did not deal with the human language translation domain. Moderator of this forum typo in the email address.

Download SDLXLIFF to Legacy Converter for free - SoftDeluxe

Hopefully the video I recorded will be useful to others as well just in case anyone else is misunderstanding this workflow to the same extent. Is there a good reason they called it trados stag and not.

Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. There are some rules around this being successful or not but this is the theory.

SDLXLIFF To Legacy Converter

Was it reasonable for sdl to assume that since I know about. Something is definitely wrong.

The file you get will clean up into an old Trados Translation Memory but the target file will be nothing more than text. You have native languages that can be verified You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. You can read that article here. You open a file to work on it and from that point you have a number of options.

SDLXLIFF to Legacy Converter

You bring in data in all different kinds of formats, from virtually any legacy system you can think of, also from any of mutually incompatible Japanese encodings. Then you can send the data back out to the original source, or you can send it to a file or to any of the other legacy sources, in whatever format and data encoding is required. The general model is that you have a java virtual machine which processes data sitting in the middle, chakra suite steven halpern on the outside you have lots of different legacy systems. Studio does not place the segments into a database.

The interesting thing here, perhaps, is that you can Save all of these files. Can you clear the cache and try again? Is there any good use case other than maybe pure convenience, less steps for needing the conversion tool if I have sdl and can save into a trados stag file from sdl? You open a file for translation and when you save target you should get the translated version of that file. And I verified that from the new project I can still export the target into the base document.

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The way I look at this is if I was new to an industry how would I know anything without looking a bit better than you have so far. And that works, so great, only a bit of extra hassle for me to confirm that.

View all posts by paulfilkin. As it indeed does if you save into original file format.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Per the above description, this does not seem to be optimal per your note.

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Find the right word anywhere, anytime - online or offline. Close and don't show again Close. On the ProZ post you refer to.

SDLXLIFF To Legacy Converter

The update this week contains, amongst others, enhancements for a couple of things that users have been asking Patrick for to make this even more useful. Possibly thisbackground info might improve communication just a bit. This application is for a different usecase that may or may not be useful for you at all. We have a fairly big userbase so it may be they have not got around to responding to you yet.

Either containing the source text, or the target text. You seem to be deliberately missing the point.