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Not quite Harley Street, and not quite the good scene it could have been.

Sid rejects the hypochondriac's cures, dons a mask and sprays the room each time Hancock coughs. After returning his broken empties, Tony purchases an Italian wine, Chateau Latour, as well as a small brown ale. Then the more lively Them There Eyes.

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After a nondescript dance with men in suits and diaphanous girls, here comes Frankie Howerd.

Sid rejects the hypochondriac's cures

Regulars in this group of shows were John Junkin and Peter Gordeno. Then he sings and dances A Dedicated Follower of Fashion, a lively colourful number.

Unfortunately Alan Wheatley can't sing at all well at the start, though he improves. Doug Arthur later began hosting it only on Mondays and Friday. Letters, telephone calls and viewing figures all pointed to her popularity.

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Back home, Tony mourns the lack of taste in his food as Sid eats as hygienically as he can. For sale, Byron Rock, Byron Biros etc etc.

Letters telephone calls and viewingThen he sings and dances A