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See how you can quickly create a SharePoint blog site that you can use to share your knowledge with team members. Get perspectives from behind the scenes and out in the field. This video uses a Contacts list as an example, but the information applies to many other types of lists and also to libraries.

There are several ways to add a link to a page in SharePoint. You can add a picture to any newsfeed post. SharePoint has become a staple for many organizations worldwide. Would you like to install the Microsoft Download Manager?

10 things you can do with SharePoint right now

Manage blog post layout Do you want to change the way blog posts appear on your SharePoint blog? Thank you for your feedback!

For more on creating team sites, see Create a team site in SharePoint Online. Create a document library in SharePoint. Intermediate Organize and configure a SharePoint library There are several ways to organize and manage your SharePoint libraries. You can also track team milestones, wishes fulfilled audiobook such as deadlines or product release dates that are not specific to a time interval. Move your documents to Office This video shows how to move files to OneDrive and then how to move them to a team site library.

Some posts or conversations are better suited for a small group of people. The video uses a Contacts list as an example, but the process is similar for many other types of list. Do you want to limit access to a particular document library containing items that are not meant to be available to everyone in your company or on your team? Open a document in a document library. The video uses a Contacts list as an example for what you can do in many types of lists and libraries.

SharePoint updates

Stand-alone download managers also are available, including the Microsoft Download Manager. Newsfeed posts can include a variety of features, such as pictures, videos, links and tags. It will open in Office Online. Hosting a public website e. Post to a newsfeed on a team site, either while visiting the team site, or from the newsfeed in your personal site.

Show or hide the tree view for site navigation. Create and manage a blog to share information. In this short video, learn how to rename, add or delete post categories to help readers find the posts that they are most interested in. Innovation is a team sport. Use a newsfeed on a team site.

Of course tablets and smartphones are all the rage these days. Drive organizational efficiency by sharing common resources and applications on portals.

Watch this short video to learn about customizing permissions for a specific library on your site. View documents and folders shared with you. For info on document libraries, see What is a document library? If you have the OneDrive for Business sync client, you can sync team site libraries to your computer, and then work with your library files directly in your file system. If you sync two libraries, you can copy or move files and folders, create folders, and delete one or more file or folder.

Of course, migrating anything to something new is an endeavor typically fraught with frustration, trouble and delays, and you probably never end up quite where you thought you would end up. Learn how leading organizations are rising to the cloud security challenge. Permissions for blog lists or libraries. Download the file by clicking the Download button above and saving the file to your hard disk. Files are automatically updated in your SharePoint library.

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Topics include basic tasks such as creating a blog, using categories, and modifying post layouts. This video shows you how do to both. Edit or delete items in a list. Get the SharePoint mobile app to stay connected from your mobile devices. Share documents This video shows how you can share a document in your OneDrive for Business library with your co-workers.

Use folders and File Explorer to organize your SharePoint library. There is also new support for push notifications, so SharePoint can reach out and push a message to your device based on a variety of factors. Get to know OneDrive for Business.

SharePoint is all about permissions. OneDrive for Business is the place to store and share your work documents in the cloud. Start a newsfeed on a team site Some posts may not be suitable for the public newsfeed.

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More, better, mobile device support. Do you need to organize your documents in a way that is manageable and makes things easier to find?

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