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The biggest advantage of skadate is the open source license. Dating software with a lot of gaps For some inconceivable reason skadate really likes to upset their customers. She has a vast knowledge of how Skadate works, offered help and advice and gave much more help than I expected and resolved all my outstanding issues. Our solutions are based on stand-alone software, software for schools to since that offers much more in terms of security and flexibility. There are a couple of bugs with the actual software but the support which I have received has been fantastic!

Dating software solution for individuals and businesses

Does anyone wish to work for free? My review may improve if we could get smooth running for a few months, its been a few years of constant management. That is why we have created a system, where the base platform can be expanded with native and third-party plugins.

You can just add videos from video websites like youtube. As far as I know, you are already getting our help from the customer support. After another case with abysmal communication I had enough and went to Skadate expecting the same. Hate to move software vendors, but am not sure what other options there is.

Several factors played a role here, including those out of our control, but we do see and understand how frustrating this must have been. Can I switch between packages? Just needed some adjustments to get a more flowless process for my niche. About SkaDate from the business Description. Thank you for kind words, I'll make sure to forward them to Jane!

Anyway, you'd better contact our support team directly! Although lately their hosting server has been down many times, and many time the server runs very slow, or your see an message he server is out of resources. There are thousands of customers, all with a unique vision, concepts, and ideas.

That's what I call investment. Install skadate into subfolder and place links to it on your landing. Skadate software is a secure, stable platform and when all set up correctly runs perfectly.

Guys, you won't regret going with SkaDate. Indeed, we have a very skilled team of web-developers, who specialize in building online dating sites. Their themes are stunning, especially Mosaic - love it to bits. What is included in SkaDate packages? In addition, we are continuously working on our software and apps, and things like Video Chat and other similar options receive overhauls and improvements with each new software version.

SkaDate Headquarters

Thank you for your feedback. They stated they would move the site for free due to all the troubles. We really regret we were not able to resolve this situation amicably in a timely manner. Kudos to your team and thank you for providing me with a platform that gets me off the ground quickly and showing true support for the issues I may encounter. Both of these elements are key to running any successful business.

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SkaDate Software

Anyway, they went with us all the way through all the changes for which we are grateful. Developing independently costs a lot, but you have more control.

SkaDate Software License

SkaDate it's more than just software - this is a family team and people you can lay on! Best software and support no doubt! We will continue to monitor and provide feedback in a couple months.

To me it looks like they will promised everything I ask for! Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. And thez need a better system for plugin development a support.

SkaDate Packages Review

They are the best solution out there. Hi Marc, SkaDate Master is an old version of our software that hasn't been in distribution for over three years. As such, all third-party plugins are provided as is and it is up to third-party developers to make them compatible with our desktop software and apps. Custom Development Hours SkaDate has a dedicated team for handling custom development projects practically of any scale, for both mobile and desktop modifications of SkaDate products.

But we always try to find a proper resolution to all issues if we encounter them. Today is the third day my site is offline. Try talking to support about these issues and they will promise to fix it in the next release, but the fix never happens. Pls email me with an in-house developer's contact pammyngum gmail.

Dating software solution for individuals and businesses

If I had to take a jab at this soft, it'd be complex admin panel, but with this amount of options I choose to ignore most of it and work with the stuff I need, which you learn after first few tries. The Skadate support staff are excellent in helping you with unique customizations in your website code to make your Skadate dating website more competitive. Some people have been waiting for years for things that a developer could patch in an hour. How long does shipping take? Therefor is exately what you need if you are using a very fancy custom one page scroll landing page powered by another script.

SkaDate Software

Let's get some link's to all the happy skadate user out there, with customized site's running flawless if they exist! They have good script, good help, and they did installation for me on their hosting. Get answers from the SkaDate staff and other customers.

This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Also, I managed to setup everything within the first month of free support, so I don't know if support changes ones the free one runs out.

All communication, custom development, issue resolution is handled by one specialist, which ensures faster times and minimum friction. We are happy that we were able to find common ground and resume our cooperation.

Should have gone with SkaDate from the beginning. In the last decade SkaDate powered thousands of successful dating sites and received back-to-back iDate Awards nominations in the category of Best Dating Software Provider. Once the site is up and running with active users you will start noticing a lot of unfinished or half-baked features that the users will complain about. But yeah, they installed it for me and helped with some of the options.