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It's important to note because the article does imply she would've been shocked by homosexuality and that's ridiculous. She was in bed with another woman and i was watching.

Natalie's death was described inFrom what I've read on theShe wasn't even remotelyShe was in bed with another

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From what I've read on the cast, Davern, the skipper, spent the first or second night onshore in a motel room with Natalie while Walken and Wagner were out on the boat. Nobody answered her cries, she died a gruesome, harrowing death. Natalie's death was described in more detail, she really fought to survive against the elements but hypothermia set in and she was too weak to keep paddling and kicking.

The average person can be naive

Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner together and apart were two of the more popular and well like nice people in Hollywood.

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If Wagner was a closet case, she would have known.

My guess is that you have the result of drinking out of control over the course of a day- tempers flare- blackouts- accidents. The other woman moaned and Natalie seemed very focused on caressing and rubbing the other female who was a blondie by the way. Threesome With A Hot Wife.

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