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The majority of the film was shot on the house set, while a quarter of the film, including two songs, were shot in the other two places.

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Muthukumar agreed to write the lyrics for the songs. Dimitri arrives into the scene and tries to negotiate a deal with Billa.

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The arms factory is completely destroyed by Billa and his friends. Amitabh Bachchan Shah Rukh Khan. This is the first half of the movie.

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He also sees his delivery train go off course. Billa gets back and murders Raghubir as well as the arrogant civil servant he had initially met at the camp. Thaman opted out because of conflicting projects.

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The supporting cast then dubbed their respective roles. But unknown to them, the truck they were driving had diamonds inside, and Raghubir had alerted his men on the highway to catch them red-handed.

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Billa, surprised and enraged at his ingratitude, walks away with Ranjith.

The arms factory is completely