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Thus, the Kural became the first book to be published in Tamil. Many poets of the first few centuries of the common era used various Kural couplets to illustrate their works. It has been translated to various other languages. It was not until when the first translation of the work appeared in Malayalam that the work became known to the wider circle outside the Tamil-speaking communities. Some think that he was a weaver by caste.

Rather it speaks of the ways of cultivating one's mind to achieve the other-worldly bliss in the present life itself. Save for the highly educated circle of scholars and elites outside the Tamil land, the Kural remained largely unknown to the outside world for close to one-and-a-half millennia. Even here, he maintains a tone that could be acceptable to people of all faiths. Both Valluvar and Confucius focused on the behaviors and moral conducts of a common person.

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Thirukkural comes under one of the four categories of Venpas Tamil verses called Kural Venpa. For example, Thirukkural is a cir formed by combining the two words Thiru and Kural, halal dating yahoo i. The Thirukkural expounds on various aspects of life and is one of the most important works in the Tamil language. Valluvar is thought to have belonged to either Jainism or Hinduism.

This, chiefly, has made the treatise earn the title Ulaga Podhu Marai the universal scripture. By occasionally referring to bliss beyond the worldly life, Valluvar equates what can be achieved in humanly life with what may be attained thereafter.

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Unlike religious scriptures, the Kural refrains from talking of hopes and promises of the other-worldly life. The first instance of the author's name mentioned as Thiruvalluvar is found to be several centuries later in a song of praise called Garland of Thiruvalluvar in Thiruvalluva Malai. While the Artha Shastra is based on subtle statecraft, the Porul of the Kural text bases morality and benevolence as its cornerstones.

Thirukkural Handbook

Thus, one can find two distinct meanings for every couplet in the Kural literature, namely, a structural one and a proverbial one. The works of Dharumar, Dhaamatthar, and Nacchar are only partially available. In his work The Smile of Murugan, Czech Scholar Kamil Zvelebil cites a tradition suggesting he was an outcaste by birth, the issue of a union between a Brahmin man and a Pariah woman. Firstly, unlike Confucius, Valluvar was also a poet. Following are some of the instances where Valluvar employs contradictions to expound the virtues.

Despite knowing its seemingly contradictory nature from a purist point of view, Valluvar employs this method to emphasise the importance of the given code of ethic. Nevertheless, the basic ideas of Valluvar is found in the introductory section of the Kural, which includes the first four chapters of the text.