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Portal templates with redlinked portals. Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings. Carl Weathers Rocky and Keythe Farley were the voice directors for the game.

With a controller in the left and right hand the player can swipe to imitate attacks or throwing objects and point the Wii Remote at the screen to aim and shoot the gun. Jazz then confronts Barricade, who eventually kills him and leaves his body at the foot of a monument in the Central Park. However, Ironhide rescues Bumblebee and defeats the drones. Cybertron Matrix of Leadership Spark.

These options are turned on or off once obtained through the bonus menu, and only appear while playing as the specified character. He lowers his flail, and can tell Optimus what happens now. Flint Dille John Zuur Platten.

Bumblebee, Sam and Mikaela are captured inside Hoover Dam. United States portal Video games portal California portal s portal.

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The AllSpark's power surges transform human machines into feral drones which attack Bumblebee. In other projects Wikiquote. The game in all its versions is mainly a third-person action-shooter. He then defeats a group of Decepticon drones. War for Cybertron Trilogy.

Produced by Hasbro Interactive. The story ends with Optimus and the Autobots choosing to remain on Earth.

Transformers video games Video game franchises Video game lists by franchise Transformers lists Mecha video games. United States portal Japan portal United Kingdom portal Video games portal s portal s portal s portal. This article is about the multi-platform video game based on the live-action film.

Megatron goes looking for Optimus Prime by destroying the city, instead finding Sam and Mikeala hiding. Barricade finds Sam and his girlfriend Mikaela Banes, and he chases after them, only to be confronted by Bumblebee. Optimus appears and intervenes before Megatron can kill them, to have the last battle. Noah Nelson Gideon's Crossing voices Blackout as well as providing sounds for the Decepticon drones and some additional voice recording. After defeating the Decepticon, Bumblebee finds Sam and Mikaela, who thank him for saving them.

Seth Bleiler provided sounds for the Autobot drones as well as providing some additional voice recording. Megatron is about to kill Sam and Mikaela, but Optimus knocks Megatron aside, challenging him to a final battle.

Bumblebee fights Barricade, while Sam and Mikaela escape. Megatron burned the information of the AllSpark's location in Sam's grandfather's glasses so the Decepticons could find the All Spark. Bumblebee, however, fights Barricade, who is trying to take the AllSpark.

This is a list of video games based on the Transformers television series and movies, bitlord 1.1 or featuring any of the characters. Primes and Matrix holders Female Transformers.

Bumblebee defeats the Decepticon and meets with Sam and Mikaela but Megatron appears behind him and quickly defeats Bumblebee, forcing Sam and Mikaela to run away. He also criticised the combat as poor. Scorponok destroys them, but has to run away when Ironhide kicks him away just as Sam was preparing to give up the AllSpark. Bionicle Heroes consoles and computer games.

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Transformers Fall of Cybertron

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It also has a non-related story than the other games. Jazz manages to defeat the Decepticon duo, but Brawl appears behind him and extinguishes his spark in front of Ironhide. Optimus defeats Megatron, however, just as Sam is about to give Optimus the AllSpark, Megatron jumps up and tries to kill Prime in one last attempt using his flail. Blackout then arrives, killing Ironhide who is being helped by numerous Autobot drones.

Meanwhile, Jazz encounters and fights Starscream and Blackout. While exploring Bumblebee finds the frozen Megatron and the AllSpark. The Wii is unlike the other consoles, utilizing a different control scheme for movement and attacks that take advantage of its motion sensing controls. Barricade then contacts Blackout, when he arrives with Starscream and Megatron, to eject Scorponok, to destroy Energon drones that have spawned from the AllSpark. Prime's optical display flickers for seconds, showing all of his past recordings before, flickering out, along with his Spark.

Stratton Search for Tomorrow provided walla sounds. Dark of the Moon video game.

Barricade eventually defeats Bumblebee, and Sam gives up the glasses. Later, Starscream and Blackout arrive at Hoover Dam, then help Megatron to escape, destroying a group of Autobot drones in the process, and then the three transform and fly to Mission City. An American Family also provided sounds for the Autobot drones as well as providing some additional voice recording. Japan-exclusive game Produced by Takara. War for Cybertron Decepticons.