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Thank you very much for collating this extremely useful information. Never miss latest songs lyrics update. Latest Movies Lyrics Simmba. Lyrics of this song is also available in Hindi.

One who is praised even by Lord Brahma with this four faces and four hands-. Certainly, this is an effort of love and passion. It is the main raga of Bhairavi Thaat. Devotion, love, separation, reunion, joy, sarcasm, satire, sadness, nostalgia. One who is worshiped by even Lord Krishna with continuous devotion-.

The lyrics will be added in due course. Akhari Dao by Cinecurry Classics. There is a very thin boundary between various ragas and so some songs are classified into different ragas by different musicians. Ravi and Reena then fall in love.

This is because the rules of ragas are not a subject of pure science like physics, chemistry, maths etc. Aakhri Goli by SeplFilmiDhamaka. One who took birth from mountain and one who enables us to cross the ocean of worldly existence.

It stars Sunil Dutt and Leena Chandavarkar in pivotal roles. Having read this hymns of divinity, One should read the Great hymns.

Tuje Kya Sunau Aye Dilruba - Hamara Forums

Tujhe Kya Sunaon O Dilruba Mohmd Rafi Video Songs

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No Lyrics are available right now. He gets a job looking after wood products as a manager with the owner, and his daughter, Reena. Video Playlist of all the songs of this movie from youtube. Thank you so much for excellent and amazing upload.

Tuje Kya Sunau Aye Dilruba - Hamara Forums

Ye raat aur ye doori, tera milna hai zaruri Ye raat aur ye doori, tera milna hai zaruri Ke dil mera! Your rating will really help us to improve our website. Rafi - Aakhri Dao H D by mahesh rana. It takes immense love and dedication for music to put this up. Malhotra Kala Bharathi on banner, directed by A.

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Ravi cracks open a safe to save the daughter of the local police chief, winning respect and admiration from Reena and the entire community in general. Hello Dear Nice collection!

The soundtrack album is composed by madan mohan. Do you have some alaap notation of this raga and the others, like you put it in Yaman? Its very useful to the learners like me who are very interested to learn but do not get time and money to learn in university.

We find your blog a very useful source of reference to cross check our interpretation of ragas used in the Hindi Film Industry. Only audio no video of this song is available from youtube. It is generally the final piece in a performance and as such an early morning raga. Asha Bhosle, Mohammad Rafi. It is very beautiful and very lovely song with Divine Lyrics.

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Once again, thank you very much. Overall a nice effort, I should say! Edit Storyline After pulling off his last job as a safe-cracker, Ravi decides he has had enough and decides to go straight.

Raga Bhairavi is an ancient raga, originating about years ago. The hero is looking just fine and has performed perfectly to the situation, before as well as during the song. Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey.

Please continue to be thick skinned with the critics of this site etc. Lyrics of this song is available in Englsih Transliteration. Type the word in the image. The ever-victorious one, the ever-auspicious one, the ever-gentle one, mhotspot for windows 8 laptop the one with garland of skulls-.

Tujhe kya sunaau o dilaruba Tere saamane mera haal hai Teri ik nigaah ki baat hai Meri zindagi ka savaal hai Tujhe kya sunaau o dilaruba. Love tujhe kyaa sunaau main dilruba song? Kya yaar logo ko bewkuf bnaa rhe ho bhairavi main chaaro komal swar h jabki har ghadi badal rahi major scale ka song h. One who is praised by daughter of Lord of the Himalaya's husband- Shiva.