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Denmark proper had become a constitutional democracy. The northernmost part and west coast of the province saw a wave of emigration to America, while some Danes of North Schleswig emigrated to Denmark. Essentially, Schleswig was either integrated into Denmark or was a Danish fief, and Holstein was a German fief and once a sovereign state long ago.

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This question is of great interest to students of international law and as illustrating the practical problems involved in asserting the modern principle of nationality. Linguistically Low German immigrants constantly arrived, and previously Danish-speaking families often came to find it convenient to change languages. Through its vigorous economic activity, the ethnically German area to the south expanded its geographic domain. This had happened many times anyway, leaving a confusing pattern of feudal units. The promulgation of a common constitution for Denmark and Schleswig in November prompted Otto von Bismarck to intervene and Prussia and Austria declared war on Denmark.

Low German was the language of all of Holstein. The ensuing conflict is sometimes called the Schleswig-Holstein Question.

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The Danish language still dominated in Northern Schleswig. This idea, which afterwards had supporters among both Danes and Germans, proved impracticable at the time owing to the intractable disposition of the majority on both sides. It was clear that Danish dominance in Schleswig was vulnerable and weakening. The Low German language, rather than Danish, had become typical of Holstein and much of south Schleswig. In the church, following the reformation, German was used in the southern part of Schleswig and Danish in the northern part.

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This condition, however, was never fulfilled by Prussia. Both were for several centuries ruled by the kings of Denmark.

The period also meant increased industrialisation of Schleswig-Holstein and the use of Kiel and Flensburg as important Imperial German Navy locations. However, absolutism was still the system of Schleswig and Holstein, with advisory assemblies based on the estates system which gave more power to the most affluent members of society. In Copenhagen, the palace and most of the administration supported a strict adherence to the status quo. This caused a deadlock for practical lawmaking, hardened by ethnic tensions, and a complete inability to govern was imminent.

This development was paralleled by an equally strong Danish national awakening in Denmark and Northern Schleswig. This movement called for the complete reintegration of Schleswig into the Kingdom of Denmark and demanded an end to discrimination against Danes in Schleswig. After the uprising in Holstein and Schleswig the monarch had no interest in sharing rule with the people, many formerly rebellious. The term Schleswig comes from the city of Schleswig. It survived, however, as between Danes and Germans, world accommodating new religious movements list though narrowed to the question of the fate of the Danish population of Schleswig.